The Combined Online Survey & Outcome Measurement Software's Benefits

This joint nFocus and Search offering helps you get to outcomes faster, grow your organization's reach and provide tangible evidence of your success to funders. Start realizing these bottom-line benefits today:

  • Tailor programming, services and interventions to tap young people's strengths and guide them in overcoming challenges that interfere with becoming productive adults.
  • Give foundations accurate insight into how impact is achieved in your community, increasing funding and program growth.
  • Integrate demographic, academic and other data with a youth's DAP score to gain a well-rounded picture of their lives.
  • Administer the survey in multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Arabic, Japanese, Cambodian, and others (with more in development).
  • Get research-based guidance from Search Institute to improve your programs and build broad commitment to work together to improve youth outcomes and impact.
  • (In Development) Access reports on individual youth for personal coaching and guidance to tap their strengths and increase the supports in their lives.
Helping nonprofits and communities improve youth development outcomes with online survey and outcome measurement software.

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