Nonprofit & Community Testimonials

Learn what others are saying about using Search Institute's DAP as part of nFocus' leading SurveyTrax solution. Be on the lookout for new customer videos and success stories coming soon!

Case Studies

Leader of the Pack

City of Boston is the First to Deploy the DAP, Available in SurveyTrax

Mayor Menino and the City of Boston are at the forefront of bringing positive, meaningful change to the City's most vulnerable and underserved populations. This passion to improve the use of data to help you is behind the City of Boston's decision to take advantage of the Developmental Assets Profile, now available in SurveyTrax.

Video Testimonials

City of Boston Rolls Out the DAP, Available in SurveyTrax

In January 2013, the City of Boston kicked off the DAP, available in SurveyTrax, solution deployment. Watch this video to learn how it works.


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