How the Combined Online Survey Software Works

Product Sheet

The DAP, in SurveyTrax, takes you to a new level of understanding in terms of youth development. You'll be able to:

  • Quickly and cost-effectively administer, analyze and interpret high-quality survey data.
  • Accurately measure the eight internal and external Developmental Asset categories that contribute to positive youth outcomes.
  • Re-administer the survey as often as every three months to track progress and results.
  • Make targeted improvements in specific asset groups to drive high-impact results.
  • Integrate multiple data points with DAP results, including displaying them on a community map, to gain even greater insight into development needs.
  • Gain actionable insight into a young person's experiences in their families, schools, and communities, setting the stage for family engagement and collective action.
  • Implement a continuous improvement strategy, with support from Search Institute, that leads to real change in the lives of young people.

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